Supersoul Spirituality takes you on a journey to unlock your true divinity... to remind you that, however insignificant or troubled you might feel, behind the illusion you're a magnificent being of unparalleled wisdom and creative power. It will help you to understand:

  • that all your lives are happening at the same time, not one after the other
  • that each of us is a hugely powerful ‘creator god’
  • that you’re never, ever a victim of anyone or anything else, because as an adult you’re creating or attracting every single thing you experience via the 'Law of Attraction'.

This radical new worldview opens up huge possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most exciting change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth. It is expounded in the seven-volume Supersoul Series of books, all published since 2013. This includes three research books: Supersoul, The Power of You and Afterlife. It is also explained in simpler and more digestible ways in What Jesus Was Really Saying, Sh*t Doesn't Just Happen!!, Death Is An Adventure!! and the autobiographical God Who Sometimes Screwed Up, and in the fictional The Girl Who Learned to Live.


Prior to 2013 I was developing the idea of Rational Spirituality, because as a primarily left-brained ex-business consultant the idea of putting together a grounded, evidence-based, spiritual framework to help similar people rediscover their innate spirituality really resonated. This was always intended to act as a logical, intellectually coherent alternative to an atheist-materialist worldview.

This analytical approach underlies the eight-volume Books of the Soul Series. These include not only three more formal Research Books but also five Pocket Books that represent simpler, alternative ways of putting Rational Spiritual ideas across to those less familiar with such things.

These books aren't totally invalidated by my more recent research. Indeed the basic evidence they present for soul survival, and for what I've previously assumed to be 'past' lives', arguably provides a rational, evidence-based underpinning for any modern spiritual framework. It is the traditional interpretation of this evidence into a linear, reincarnational model of soul consciousness that perhaps only represents an 'entry level' of understanding, whereas my more recent research arguably takes us towards a radically new and more sophisticated worldview. On that basis I have discontinued publication of these earlier books.


My research and writing career began with two books published by Virgin, Giza: The Truth and Genesis Unveiled. In the last two decades the continued creation and dissemination of wild, alternative theories about ancient human history and prehistory has led me to the conclusion that, just as in modern politics and life in general, there's so much 'fake news' around that a dose of reality is more than ever required.

Accordingly in 2020 I released the three volumes of the Prehistoric Truth Series. Giza: The Truth, a 20th anniversary edition of the original with a completely rewritten Epilogue; Atlantis: The Truth, a complete rewrite of Genesis Unveiled although with broadly similar conclusions; and Mesopotamia: The Truth, based on a collection of papers written at the outset of my career.

Basically I'm just trying to reintroduce a little dose of sanity and discrimination into the various debates, so that people with little time to properly research these matters for themselves aren't led completely astray by outlandish ideas that have little basis in reality.