Key Extracts from Lecture 249

© The Pathwork® Foundation 1999

As long as you live in the shell of matter, encased in time, many connections can never be fully made. They remain invisible, although some links can sometimes be intuitively sensed. The main connections need faith. But true faith, which is to some degree experiential, comes into being exactly because the person’s inner process moves toward an increasing uncovering of connecting links, thereby removing fear of and healing the wounds of the pain of injustice. Think of your reactions when you witness earthly events of cruelty that seem to remain unapprehended, or, similarly, when good deeds and genuine love and giving seem to elicit undeserved negative effects, or, at least, fail to produce just rewards. In some occasions it is possible to go beyond the surface and see deeper connections that reveal the perfect justice of life. In some instances it is truly a question of time. For, in the immediacy, the connections and justice cannot be seen, while the unrolling of time, in your dimension, makes these connections obvious. Time eventually brings them to the surface. But how many, many times in small issues as well as in large ones, in personal issues as well as in general and universal ones, it is quite impossible to see the connections. The unrolling of time extends beyond the human vision. All spiritual scripture speaks about the reality of ultimate justice that is often only possible to perceive and experience after the body is left behind and vision more extended. ‘The Last Judgment’ or ‘Judgment Day’ are intimations of this fact. These terminologies mean to convey that there is a ‘time’ after death when all is revealed. Human beings usually react unfavorably to this concept because they think of it in terms of a punishing deity, a cruel, unmerciful ruler who imposes more unfairness on them. As you know, this was an ancient concept of God. God was confused with cruel earthly leaders and fathers. But the true meaning of the ‘final judgment’ is the revealing of connections that show the unutterable beauty of faultless justice of spiritual laws.

There are definite laws operative that determine when effects follow causes, when and why, in certain instances, effects follow suit relatively quickly and are thereby immediately traceable, and when there is a longer time span between them. It would be much too complicated to delve into this now. All I can say at this time is that the more an entity is developed, the faster effects follow causes. The entity who is still relatively undeveloped finds himself in the darkness of groping through the webs of cause and effect, of more often than not completely missing them only to discover them much later when the body is shed as a garment no longer needed.

‘Judgment Day’ means nothing else but that. It is human consciousness, with its present limitations, that interpreted this in a very undesirable and fearful way. The word judgment seems to imply an unloving attitude of those who were supposed to judge, even an unfair, arbitrary, rejecting judgment. This is clearly a projection of humanity’s own state of affairs. Divine justice is nothing more nor less than the full vision of all an entity expresses so that the inevitable consequences become the measure and the medicine to grow into wholeness – that is, holiness.