Key Extracts from Lecture 28

© The Pathwork® Foundation 1999

For only in God will the light of knowledge be yours – not necessarily general or abstract knowledge, that is of lesser importance, but personal knowledge: why you have to go through these various difficulties, why so many things in your life happened that you cannot understand, apparent cruelties of others or ‘the fates.’ All of a sudden it will make such deep sense to you that you will not quarrel anymore with the hardships of life. You will be glad you have had them, my dear ones, not only because you fully perceive the justice, but also because you realize how good, how strengthening it is for you!

…if you are in a dilemma in your daily life, if you are not certain about a decision, or if something in your life continues to represent disharmony of any sort… this should be a sign that there is something wrong. For whatever you do, if it has God's blessing, it will be harmonious. It will not cause constant friction to yourself and others.

…the written daily review will not take more time than 10 to 15 minutes every day… You do not have to write down everything, just certain key words. By doing this constantly, you will succeed in making the unconscious conscious, in discovering your own inner trends because, after doing this for a while, you will most certainly recognize definite patterns in your life which you cannot become aware of if you go on like you are. You will recognize this by certain constant happenings, occurrences, and the way you react towards these occurrences… All you should do is review the day and think of all the instances that have caused you disharmony in any manner, shape, or form. Even if you cannot at the beginning understand why, just put down the incident and what you have felt. When you have done this for a while, then a pattern will evolve from this that may still not give you a clue what is wrong in your own inner make-up, but at least you will see a repetition that points out that there must be something in you that is wrong no matter how wrong the others may be in their own way. But if something reoccurs constantly, it is a clue to your own soul.

…read the whole thing over, see whether you can at least sense a pattern, ask yourself where you can find the point in yourself in which you deviate from some divine law. Ask for inspiration. Compare these patterns with your list of faults. Ask yourself questions: what your feelings, your desire-currents really want and whether this is in accordance with divine law.