Key Extracts from Lecture 174

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This applies particularly to life where it is conscious and even more so where it is self-conscious. The power of thought, the power of will, the power of emotions is infinitely greater than any inanimate power. And yet, the inanimate power of, say, electricity and even more of atomic energy is so great that you, in your world, begin to gain only an inkling of its possibilities, for good and constructive ends as well as for destructive ones. Wherever there is life and consciousness, these two possibilities exist. Now, if in the smallest atom – a measurement that cannot even be perceived with the naked eye – exists a power to release untold energies for building or destroying, how infinitely more this is the case with the power of the mind. The power of thinking, feeling, and willing. Just dwell on this significant fact, my friends, and it will open new vistas to you. Why does man blindly assume that the power of inanimate things is greater than the power of the mind? The power to think, will, and feel, to express, act, and decide is the most distinguishing earmark of consciousness. The power all these expressions of consciousness yields is vastly underrated by mankind.