How did a Russian scientist left for dead in a mortuary for three days make contact with a sick baby... and wake up with a cure that all the doctors had missed?

What about the Indian girl with memories of a past life... who astonished her former husband by reminding him how he had borrowed money from her just before she died?

Or the Australian woman who recalled past-life details of a stone carving on the floor of a small cottage... and was able to locate it under decades of chicken droppings when brought to England for the first time?

These amazing reports are not new age mumbo jumbo. They have all been properly recorded and investigated by professionals. And they will make you think long and hard about who you are and what you are doing here.

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"This is a wonderful collection of stories, which I very much enjoyed. I will keep a copy for myself and happily pass the others on." Peter Fenwick, fellow of the Royal College of psychiatrists and author of The Truth in the Light

"This is a very nice collection of intriguing cases. I hope it gets a lot of attention." Jim Tucker, University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies and author of Life Before Life

"I like this little book a lot. It's a perfect hand out for past-life clients, or especially sceptical friends." Thelma Freedman, Secretary of the International Board for Regression Therapy


Introduction. The crying baby. Hotel California. Commentary 1. The GI Joe dolls. The 1200 rupees. Commentary 2. The chateau. The buried flagstone. Commentary 3. The hall of records. Commentary 4. The guilt that wouldn’t go. Commentary 5. A personal story.


Based entirely on modern evidence from near-death experiences, children and adults who remember past lives, past-life regression, and interlife or spiritual regression. Includes research by pioneering psychologists such as Michael Sabom, Melvin Morse, Ian Stevenson and Peter Ramster into cases involving George Rodonaia, Pam Reynolds, James Leininger, Swarnlata Mishra, Cynthia Henderson and Gwen McDonald.