So much has been written about 2012 and the global shift in consciousness. From catastrophic doom and gloom to sugar-coated messages that avoid the stark realities of what might lie ahead. But what if we were to be given channeled messages that are incredibly positive and exciting, yet also grounded? Well now we have.

These messages come from a diverse group of souls who refer to themselves as 'the council'. They provide information rarely if ever encountered elsewhere, including:

* Everything is just as planned, even including over-population and the exploitation of earth’s resources.

* A similar shift occurred 26,000 years ago, but this time the conditions are deliberately very different.

* So many souls are on earth now to take advantage of an incredible opportunity that has been known about, planned for and eagerly awaited for thousands of years.

The attention of the entire universe is excitedly trained on our planet. If you want to know why each and every one of us has a crucial role to play in this amazing transformation, as we blossom into our full spiritual potential, read on…

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The nature of our sources
The background to the current shift
The last shift
The shifts before that
Souls moving on to other places
Life on a more highly evolved earth
Our ability to accelerate the process
Why everything is as it should be
Universal excitement about this unique opportunity