Death. The final frontier... or is it?

We all have to face it but we don't like to talk about it... in the Western world it's taboo. Yet many people believe they'll see their loved ones again on the other side. So what's the big problem? Why all the avoidance and angst? Is it just fear of the unknown?

What if the afterlife isn't unknown at all? What if we have evidence from a variety of contemporary sources that can give us a pretty good idea of what to expect? Better still, what if what awaits us is far more exciting than most of us have ever dreamed?

Your consciousness will survive death. Of that there can be no longer be any reasonable doubt. After that the sky is the limit. You will only have to think of something or someone to bring them into your reality. There are limitless possibilities to experience anything you want... in earth-like environments or elsewhere. You get to choose. You are the master of your afterlife script. As long as you know you are. Just like here on earth, in fact.

Admittedly there are pitfalls for the unwary and unprepared... that's why it's sensible to have some sort of guidebook or map of the territory. You wouldn't visit a far-flung part of the world without some sort of preparation... to understand the possible dangers as well as the wonders you'll behold. That's true of the afterlife as well.

But, properly armed and prepared, there's nothing to fear. Get it right and your afterlife will make your earth-life seem tame and boring by comparison. That is why death should be celebrated, by those experiencing it and by their loved ones. It's time to break the taboo... to look forward to death when the time is right... and, wherever possible, to make it fun!!