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SUPERSOUL SPIRITUALITY is a relatively recent development that has taken me away from the traditional reincarnational focus that has dominated my research and writing for more than a decade. It's based on the exciting concept of the 'supersoul', and on a more sophisticated, matrix-style rather than linear model of soul consciousness. It produces a radical new worldview that opens up huge possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most exciting change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth.

This worldview is expounded in the three-volume SUPERSOUL SERIES, which includes not only SUPERSOUL itself but also the hugely empowering and closely-integrated follow-up THE POWER OF YOU and a state-of-the-art guide to the AFTERLIFE.

rational spirituality

Prior to this I was developing the idea of RATIONAL SPIRITUALITY, because as a primarily left-brained ex-business consultant the idea of putting together a grounded, evidence-based spiritual framework to help similar people rediscover their innate spirituality really resonated. This was always intended to act as a logical, intellectually coherent alternative to an atheist-materialist worldview.

This analytical approach underlies the various BOOKS OF THE SOUL. These include not only more formal RESEARCH BOOKS but also various POCKET BOOKS that represent simpler, alternative ways of putting Rational Spiritual ideas across to those less familiar with such things. In this latter spirit I've also written several SPIRITUAL NOVELS.

These books aren't invalidated by my more recent research. Indeed the basic evidence they present for soul survival, and for what I've previously assumed to be 'past' lives', arguably provides a rational, evidence-based underpinning for any modern spiritual framework. It's the traditional interpretation of this evidence into a linear, reincarnational model of soul consciousness that perhaps only represents an 'entry level' of understanding, whereas my more recent research arguably takes us towards a radically new and more sophisticated worldview.

In any case, wherever you're at, I sincerely hope that some parts of my work may help you on your spiritual journey.

Love and blessings, Ian

PS Anyone living in the environs of Bournemouth in the UK may be interested in the SPIRITUAL EXCHANGE discussion group that I set up in 2013, and which is now firmly established.

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please also note that I am NOT to be confused with the US-based life coach of the same name who runs the soulseeds.com website and does not look like me at all (see right ;-)